Life Design Hack: Shortcut-O-Matic Workshop

We’ve already shared the technique to solve any kind of problem and achieve clear decision-making in teams – our all-time favorite Lightning Decision Jam (you can download a whole booklet on it FOR FREE here)

And while it’s great for group work settings, you can’t really use it on your own. So today we’re bringing to you yet another gem in AJ&Smart’s collection of tactics that work wonders: the Shortcut-O-Matic exercise!

In a nutshell, Shortcut-O-Matic is the exercise that helps you pinpoint the culprits in your personal or work life and allows you to create smart shortcuts to resolve them. Sounds amazing, right?! Well, it is, and we strongly suggest you check it out. We have prepared a handful of resources that will give you everything you need to start shortcutting away.

Our CEO Jonathan wrote an article on Muzli, explaining in-depth how the Shortcut-O-Matic works. Give it a read here.

We also recorded a full video, in which  Jonathan does the exercise in real time! Give it a watch, won’t ya:



And that’s not all. We have prepared a neat lil’ checklist for you with all steps of the exercise, and everything you need to keep in mind while doing it. It’s completely FREE, all you need to do is enter your email address in the field below.

After you’ve tried Shortcut-O-Matic out, we would love to hear about your results! Drop us a message here, on Facebook or Instagram (no, really, do it. We’re reading and replying to alllll the comments!)