There’s a secret career-boosting superpower that needs to be talked about. That superpower is the ability to facilitate amazing workshops. We believe having the ability to run workshops confidently gives people a HUGE career advantage (we’ve seen it first-hand!) but there’s not much out there to help people with that endeavour.

For the last 8 years, our team has been trying, testing, iterating, and honing our workshop superpowers and we’re finally ready to share everything we’ve learned.

Our goal is to be the best free resource for people who want to run workshops confidently.

Workshopper.com was created by workshop-lovers at AJ&Smart to house content, guides, learnings, and resources that were created to inspire, enable, and empower Workshoppers and wannabe-Workshoppers to leverage the transformative power of running great workshops, with the goal of helping them progress in their careers and find more satisfaction in their work.

We’ll provide the best content to support Workshoppers, with regular releases of tried-and-tested workshop formats, helpful articles and guides, interviews with well-known and respected Workshoppers, and inside looks at some of the world’s best workshop spaces.

Got a great Workshopper in mind you’d like to see interviewed on here? Have you crafted your own workshop you think we should know about?

Drop us a line at support@ajsmart.com – we’d love to hear from you!


We are Workshopper!
We believe that work can be inspiring and enjoyable.
We’re frustrated by, and seek more than standard, unproductive busy-work.
We want to cut through the noise and get meaningful, valuable work done with others.

We deeply crave progress and never settle for the status quo.
We’ve been seeking a better way to bring people together and inspire change in the way people perceive their jobs.
We want to pioneer a new way of working.

We believe the best way to achieve all of this is through the power of Workshops.

To be a Workshopper means you have the knowledge, confidence, and toolkit to run show-stopping business- and career-propelling workshops.

Workshopper.com was created to help you get there.